Megan Fox describes dancing in bikini for Michael Bay aged 15 in resurfaced clip -

Megan Fox describes dancing in bikini for Michael Bay aged 15 in resurfaced clip

A television interview in which actress megan fox describes being asked to bop in a bikini and heels elderly 15 has resurfaced. The 2009 clip from jimmy kimmel live! Shows the transformers actress describing running with director michael bay for the primary time, where she talks about a scene in horrific boys ii. Fox says: “i had just turned 15 and i was an extra in horrific boys ii. They were shooting this membership scene and that they introduced me in and i used to be wearing a stars and stripes bikini and a crimson cowboy hat and six-inch heels.

“[bay] accepted it and they said ‘michael, she’s 15 so you cannot sit down her at the bar and he or she can’t have a drink in her hand’, so, his method to that hassle became to then have me dancing beneath a waterfall getting soaking wet.”

the audience then chortle, and kimmel replies: “perfectly healthful”. Clarifying her age, fox goes on: “at 15, i was in tenth grade. That is form of a microcosm of the way bay’s mind works.”

kimmel responds: “yeah, properly it really is truely a microcosm of how all our minds paintings. A number of us have the decency to repress those mind and fake that they do not exist.”

fox replies: “oh. Adequate”, then seems out to the target market, before pronouncing: “right, proper”. Twitter person liz w who shared the 2009 pictures described the video in her post as a “clip from 2009 wherein megan fox tells a story approximately michael bay sexualising her as a fifteen y/o.

“the group laughs, and kimmel makes gross jokes.

“teenager women being preyed on via older men has never been taken critically and nonetheless isn’t.”


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